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    Some Suggestions

    Yangshuo can truly be an oasis of tranquillity and beauty, offering a welcome respite from the sometimes hectic and stressful modern everyday life. But it can also be a place of great excitement and fun-filled adventure, with plenty of activities to fit everyone from the laid-back traveller to the seasoned adrenaline junkie.

    At Snow Lion Riverside Resort we gladly provide assistance with the booking of activities in and around Yangshuo, as well as tours and tickets to other destinations in Guangxi and the neighbouring provinces. If you have any inquiries about what to do and see while in Yangshuo, please send us an email – we would be grateful for the opportunity to help bring your holiday plans to fruition.

    Below we have listed some suggestions for your consideration:

    • Rent a bicycle and discover the picturesque countryside at your own pace.
    • Indulge your senses at the famous sound and light show, Impression: Liu Sanjie – created by world-renowned director Zhang Yimou.
    • Take in the amazing scenery whilst gently gliding down the Yulong River on a traditional bamboo raft.
    • Learn how to prepare your very own Chinese feast at the Cloud 9 Cooking School.
    • Explore one of the many awe-inspiring caves in the Yangshuo area.
    • Witness the ancient tradition of Cormorant fishing on the Li River.
    • See more of Guangxi Province by taking a guided tour to the magnificent rice terraces of the Longji mountain range. Experience the tranquillity of the mountain villages, as well as the fascinating culture and everyday-life of the minority people living there.
    • Get your very own calligraphy master to instruct you in the fine art of Chinese writing.
    • Feel the adrenaline pumping as you ascend one of Yangshuo’s many world-renowned rock climbing routes.
    • Discover inner peace and harmony while exercising Tai Chi, as taught by a local master.
    • Immerse yourself in some of the most iconic landscapes this area has to offer by hiking along the banks of the Li River, from Xingping to Yangdi, then take a boat cruise back.
    • Experience the exhilarating feeling of speed and excitement as you rush down the partially man-made rapids of the Longjin River in a rubber raft.

    For more detailed information regarding some of our most popular tour options, please review the PDF file found below.

    touroptions.pdf (394.51 KB)