Cloud 9 Restaurant


    The Cloud 9 Restaurant is based on a typical traditional Chinese Cuisine but the menu and service have been enhanced to suit discerning travelers visiting Yangshuo. It is well-known for its local dishes and Sichuan-style cuisine.

    The Cloud 9 Restaurant is located downtown Yangshuo, at the corner of West Street and Chengzhong Road (the first left when coming from Pantao Road – see the map below). It is accessed by a set of stairs leading up to the main seating area.

    Please note: The cooking school is one floor up again and looks out northwards over Chengzhong Road and the small lake beyond.

    Seating at the restaurant is largely around round tables for 8 – 10 people. These are ideal for sharing a banquet-style meal with all dishes shared between the table. This is the best way to enjoy Chinese food, with plenty of variety.

    There are also some smaller rectangular tables for up to 4 people, both inside and out on the balcony that overlooks West Street, so do not worry if you are not part of a large group.

    Our chefs have been with us for years, as have many of the dishes. We continue to explore new ideas and continually strive to find new additions which meet our high standards for taste, color and popularity.

    If you are not familiar with ordering a Chinese meal please feel free to ask our staff for advice. They will help you to achieve balance with the dishes and to get an appropriate quantity for your group.

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